Salima's Niyani

Salima a second time client (now friend) and I met twice recently to capture first her Niyani a mothers blessing type event and then again to capture her Mehndi (henna)Most of teh words in this blogpost are Salimas own -m


A niyani is a ritual performed by khoja Ismaili women but it likely has its roots in Hinduism, as so many of our rituals do! A niyani is literally a young, unmarried girl. In Indic cultures, young women who fall into this category are considered to be holders of great baraka (blessings), which they are able to share with others in the right circumstances. In general, for a niyani, the woman hosting has a particular goal in mind, a boon she is hoping will be granted by God. In exchange for this blessing, she promises to feed a group of niyani (usually 7 or increments of 7) and give them gifts. The niyani’s presence and partaking of this ritual allows the woman to share in their baraka, increasing her chances of fulfilling her wish. It is also a way to fulfill the pledge she has made to God, who is ultimately the one who can grant the woman’s desire. At a basic level though, a niyani is about putting goodness into the world in the hopes that it comes back to you. - S

Salima is hoping for a smoother second birth and hopefully a V-bac next month. -m


There was delicious food, the application of celebratory mehndi (aka henna), including Salimas mehndi belly, hands and feet and the rest of the ladies hands and the chance to participate in some prayer recitation from the Ismaili/Muslim tradition.


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Welcoming {Levi}

Dorothy and Levi have graciously allowed me to share their birth story. This sweet couple welcomed their first child, a few months ago. I love the joy and emotion that swirled around the room as this little boy was birthed and welcomed into the arms of his parents.  

A new baby is like the beginning of all things –
wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
— By Eda J. Le Shan

Feature Friday- Sneak Peek

For awhile I have wanted to start featuring companies in and around Edmonton that would interest and be a benefit to the birth and parenting community I live and work in.  I chose Blessed Grove keepsakes because I know a few Mothers who have ordered from Monique and are so grateful to have a handmade treasure she has handmade for them. 


 we asked around and Together chose a deserving mom and gifted her with her a custom piece of breast milk jewelry and a mini breastfeeding photo shoot including 10 images of her choice.

 When the blog post goes live on Friday come back to see more images and read the words of these two strong women, one who has overcome a great struggle while breast-feeding her youngest child and one who captures the memories and treasures for others in a very special custom keepsake.


If you have a company that you would like to see featured on the blog reach out, I am now taking submissions for future featured Friday blogs.

Logan {FRESH}Baby

A Fresh Baby Session is an intimate session for families that want to capture their new little one in the first hours of their newborn's life. Typically held within the first 24-48 hours after a baby's birth, this lifestyle session will take place at the location of the babys birth.

Logan a very special delivery for his excited parents, was born via C-section. I was so pleased to be invited to their hospital room to capture little logan when he was only one day old.

And quite suddenly, you were my everything!
WEB Logan f48 Appletree Photography 2017-148.jpg

Click the play button for a peek into little logan's fresh baby session.