A fall Maternity shoot

The countdown is on to meet Dom & Micah's much anticipated baby boy!

Enjoy tonight's short sneak peek and be sure to return and see the gorgeous RAINBOW themed milkbath images later this week.

Web Dom Maternity 2017 -Appletree Photography 2017-1.jpg
Web Dom Maternity 2017 -Appletree Photography 2017-1-3.jpg
A great adventure is about to begin - Winnie the pooh
Web Dom Maternity 2017 -Appletree Photography 2017-1-2.jpg

Welcoming Leo & Sterling

Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly. ...
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Dawn has had alot of ups and downs this unexpected twin pregnancy. Early labour, a big move to another town, her momma being ill, bedrest, painful prodromal labor, sitting on a cot waiting to be induced for 8+ hours & too many more obstacles to list... have all tried to dampen her spirits.  But this girl is like the Blackbird in the Beatles song, she was just waiting for her moment to arise. I am happy to announce (with permission) this morning after a really long 24 sleepless hours first Leo (head down) and then Sterling (breech) made their arrival earthside! It is worth it to note this was less than half an hour after the Dr. pronounced it would be at least three more hours, lol. These boys are already causing mischief!