Cake Batter Popcorn + Valentine's day = YUM!!

I love romance but I'm not big on the fake hearts and flowers type stuff regularly found in the seasonal section of the big box stores.


This morning faced with needing a snack to take with me to a photographers meeting tonight, and also needing treats to send with the Hubbs to family in BC when he leaves Friday (Valentine's day). And wanting something special for my kids teachers and classmates at school! I put my brain to work and decided to make some cake batter popcorn (Based on a recipe found here:

But take that recipe then multiply it by ohhhh…. 10?! I needed A LOT of yummy popcorn after all! (I blame the hungry photographers, lol!) I also changed measurements and added a bit of this and that the way I always do when in the kitchen......


 After popping the popcorn and spreading it over the parchment covered table It was time to fling the melted chocolate mixture over the tabletop filled with popcorn (FUN!). Then mix it up and sprinkle on nonpareils and valentine candy corn. 20 min to dry and it was time to pack it all up.  All in all it took a couple hours from start to finish but I would guess if you were doing a single batch it would be ready in no time flat.

But consider yourself warned, this stuff is highly addictive.