Night shoot

As I left my home Tuesday night the thunderstorm that had been raging during supper was now in the distance. It was still raining hard enough for me to grab an umbrella and a rain cover for my camera. I was on my way downtown to do some night shooting with a group at the Alberta Legislature grounds. As a photographer we are constantly learning, growing and being inspired to work on our skills. Tonight I was going to be working on long exposures.


Having never ventured up to the grounds I was in awe of how beautiful it was! I could tell right away that this might become a favorite location for spring photo shoots with the apple blossom trees and water features. There was so much to see!  I was surprised to find there were plenty of others there even at 9pm on a weeknight. It seemed to me to be a “secret garden” hidden in a concrete jungle. Hope you enjoy the photos :)