Almost 13

Almost 13


When Justin turned 11 he told me “In 10 more years I will be an adult” this simple statement shook me. The countdown had begun…. in less time than he had been our son he would be considered an adult!

Now fast forward to one month away from his 13th birthday (he’s becoming a teenager) my mind is abuzz wondering what the future has in store for our amazing kind hearted boy.

Justin has surpassed many challenges and come out the other side with a love for life, all things Disney, extreme weather, and roller coasters.

 It makes sense to me that Justin likes roller coasters, after all his life has been a roller coaster in itself. Although it is all he has known, his live has had many challenges and unexpected twists and turns, ups and downs something new and unexpected around every corner.

When we had Justin almost 13 years ago we had just moved to a new province a week before and we had no idea that our simple little life was about to change.… Justin was born one month early, and was rushed off to the NICU with breathing difficulties. We were released the next day, only for us to rush back to the hospital & have Justin admitted back into the NICU less than an hour later. This time he was kept for 14 days.

Over the next few years the surprises kept coming, with his multiple medical diagnoses including a rare Chromosome disorder that only one other child in the world has. One thing that surprised me on our personal roller coaster ride was the ability to rally. In the bumpy spots the unconditional love that you feel takes over and gives you strength and determination to hang on tighter than you thought you ever could, no matter what challenges, drops or loops come your way..

So while I personally don’t love rollercoasters  I love a kid who does and that is enough to make me want to ride this rollercoaster over and over again no matter what twists and turns lie ahead even (yikes!) the teen years.