Heavens To Betsy

Heavens To Betsy

On my way to do a photo shoot with Callie this week it started to rain, not hard but enough to give me pause about the planned outdoor shoot.  So we instead decided to swing into Heavens To Betsy a unique little gift shop in Devon that has all sorts of one of a kind knick-knacks and giftables.

While it rained we spent a lot of time looking in every corner of the store at all the little bits and pieces that Betsy’s has to offer, and mentally adding things to our wish list.

Other than the umbrella I chose to pick up, what Callie really wanted to bring home was Betsy herself who in fact is not a person but an adorable pug! I convinced Callie instead to settle for a few photos of Betsy, after all the Great Dane and Chihuahua-cross waiting at home would not be impressed to see a new fur sibling!

Next time you are passing through Devon swing in and visit Heavens To Betsy, you might just find something unique to gift to someone you love or treat yourself to something special just for you!