Blush Lane

Blush Lane


Last week when Justin and I were downtown on Whyte Ave we stumbled upon a great organic market called Blush Lane. Unfortunately we were on the go and only had time for a quick peek (and to grab some yummy snacks) before we had to be on our way.

So when Christine and I planned breakfast this past week we decided to go to Blush Lane afterwards. I brought my trusty camera with me so I could blog all about it & show all of you how great a find it is!

We have been eating a more “clean” diet at our house recently and to say it is at times hard is an understatement. I am really excited to find somewhere I can get all of the unique ingredients for the recipes we want to try, snacks that the kids will enjoy and truly great organic produce.

 Christine and I had lots of fun pouring over all of the products in every aisle and sampling the scones in the bakery and the cheese in the deli. Plus I got an amazing hanging strawberry plant on clearance!

With such helpful and courteous staff to answer all of our questions and to help us find those products hiding in plain sight we left with full grocery bags ready to cook up a storm!

Thanks Blush Lane for allowing us to roam free and snap photos of all of your wonderful products! We will be seeing you again soon, maybe for the free clean camping foods cooking class! And next time we plan to stop for lunch in the attached bistro or tea at Cally’s tea shop next door.

Anyone interested in joining us?