He's here....finally.

Most of my sneak peeks include a photo or two.  If I really have a hard time I will include a few more in a collage. But after spending 30+ hours watching Salima labor (and she labored for double that), this sneak peek warranted a full birth story blog post. Aly, Sal and I met when we discussed starting their bump to baby package.  They wanted the full story of their journey to parenthood and I am so glad they chose me. Being on this journey with them allowed me to get to know them better. Something I really value about my job is connecting with so many great people.

I think it is safe to say we all expected Salima's midwife attended home birth to go quickly & smoothly. After all it had been an uneventful pregnancy. But you never know what life has planned for you so Baby S was one week late deciding it was "go time"

Thursday morning after getting notification that the contractions were steady and 4-6min apart I arrived at their home ready to document a birth.  It was beautiful to see the support in place as Salima was surrounded by her hubby Alykhan, and her family and friends, as she labored gracefully.

But over the course of the day as we began to lose the light to nightime, the contractions became inconsistent and labor unfortunately stalled. Midwife Heather, from Joy Spring Midwifery arrived with her student Jeneve and told everyone to go home and get some sleep;  Baby "S" would not be arriving any time soon. So I headed home while our parents to be got some much needed rest...for a few hours.

Day two for Aly & Salima began with a check at the hospital as the pain had become too much in the middle of the night, and after seeing the doctors and midwifes Salima was sent home to labor. Once they arrived home things had picked up and active labor had started and the contractions had regulated! I arrived 5 minutes after them and captured this photo below (Bottom Left). This one is special I think because when we first met way back many months ago, one of Salima & Aly's questions asked if I would have a problem photographing the birth with a lot of people in attendance.  I thought about it carefully and then responded something like "Quite the opposite! I think it would amazing to be able to provide you with a photo of everyone surrounding you, supporting you as you work to bring your child into the world."  I feel that I completed a promise by getting this photo as part of the collection.

As was planned, Salima labored at home with her family and birth team surrounding her. Until the contractions again became erratic and labor seemed to be going backwards, even though every tip, trick and position had been attempted.  The continuing pain with little results had come to be enough. It was time to go back to the hospital.

Salima was so brave conquering her fear of needles to gain an IV, an epidural and have blood work done. Aly stood by his wife lending her his strength when she needed it.

As the hours passed and one day became the next, with an infection starting and Baby "S" still not in position, it was time to go with a c-section.  Salima was taken to the OR to be prepped and Alykhan and I gowned up.  I was really lucky to have been granted access to the OR as it is rare to have photographers be able to come in when a C-section is preformed.

It seemed as thought time was moving so slowly, but then all of a sudden He was earthside... IT'S A BOY!!

Measurements were taken and medicines were given and this little man was pronounced healthy. After a tough labor and delivery Salima couldn't wait to hold her new son and Alykhan was excited to get their first photo as a family of three :)

Welcome to the world sweet little boy.