{Funny faces}

Since this beautiful client wrote me such a nice review and included the line "Melissa did an amazing job capturing our personalities" I thought I would share this fun sneak peek.

I LOVED doing this family shoot this past mothers day. The love for their daughter these two have was evident in every moment throughout the shoot.
The photos below may not be the norm, every client wants the perfect "everyone is smiling and looking at the camera photo, to send to Grandpa or Grandma (and as a photographer I am sure to capture those moments as well) But in time, I find its these unrehearsed funny,playing with the camera/adorably surprised baby faces that 5, 10, 25 years from now will be the ones you pull out to show friends, display at graduations, post for milestone birthdays and put in your children's wedding slideshows.

I feel truly very blessed when a Mom & Dad trust me and my camera enough to let loose and show off their personalities and "silly sides"  and play with their kids because you never know this photo may become one of your and your children's favorite picture.