Feature Friday- Sneak Peek

For awhile I have wanted to start featuring companies in and around Edmonton that would interest and be a benefit to the birth and parenting community I live and work in.  I chose Blessed Grove keepsakes because I know a few Mothers who have ordered from Monique and are so grateful to have a handmade treasure she has handmade for them. 


 we asked around and Together chose a deserving mom and gifted her with her a custom piece of breast milk jewelry and a mini breastfeeding photo shoot including 10 images of her choice.

 When the blog post goes live on Friday come back to see more images and read the words of these two strong women, one who has overcome a great struggle while breast-feeding her youngest child and one who captures the memories and treasures for others in a very special custom keepsake.


If you have a company that you would like to see featured on the blog reach out, I am now taking submissions for future featured Friday blogs.