The “Your Story” session is a photo-journalistic documentation of your family;
A permanent record of all the little moments and in between times that are often experienced but rarely captured.. By documenting a day in your family’s life, the photos taken, become authentic memory of these moments in your life.
Imagine, being able to look & remember or show your children when they have grown up what a “day in their life” as a kid looked like. Being able to look back and see for yourself how small she was in your arms or how happy you made him when you smiled and played a little game before bed.. how they loved to play in the sprinkler or roast marshmallows and camp in the backyard or bake cookies or a cake in the kitchen while getting covered in flour. How he turned the living room into a fort or how she had a tea party with Dad and her favorite stuffy elephant .  This type of session captures little moments and connections that make up your everyday,

These moments are are usually taken for granted, until they are long gone memories, here they are celebrated and captured.